2015 Summer REU

All announcements have moved to our 2015 REU Facebook Page. Please join and/or create an account if you do not already have one. All crucial information will still be transmitted via email.


Summer 2014 Announcements

June 19 - Facebook & Presentation Guidelines

IMPORTANT: Most subsequent announcements will now be posted on our Facebook Group.

Presentation guidelines posted here (Downloads Page). (Important: view in slideshow mode)

June 3 - Princeton Email Account

Many are asking about emails--your princeton email is You can access your emails through this link--please use Outlook (not Gmail). Simply enter your NetID and Password. If you have questions, please call the help desk at (609) 258-HELP.

Note: Keep those RCR completion reports coming! Thank you all to those who have already submitted them.

May 29

Thank you to Ioannina Castano for being the first to submit her RCR Completion Report!

Reminder: 10 days until you arrive to PU. Please begin collecting your necessary documents and make sure your insurance cards are valid

(Note: if you receive insurance from school, verify that your coverage extends through the summer. Most do not--if this is the case, you are required to obtain insurance coverage elsewhere before beginning the REU program.)

May 28 - Alert from PU Public Safety: Traffic Alert

Please click here to see the announcement regarding the University Place detour and the Tiger Transit and Tiget PAWW Bus Stop Relocation (starting June 4).

May 22 - Password-protection, Calendar, and Q&A

Password-protection: The blanket password-protection for this site has been deleted to allow access to other Princeton faculty and staff. Downloadable contents, however, are still password-protected (same username/password). Please contact Sergio if you have difficulties accessing the files.

Calendar and Q&A: The calendar and Q&A sections have recently been updated.

Note: Many of the announcements below have been edited in light of the password-protection removal.

May 21 - "Which RCR Courses should I take?" (Q&A Updated)

Unless otherwise directed, please only take the RCR: Chemical and Biological Engineering for Undergraduates. See downloads for more information.

Please refer all inquiries about RCR to Sergio Aclo.

May 21 - Housing Arrangement & RCR Reminder

HOUSING: The housing arrangements have been uploaded to the downloads section. Download the document so that you may your roommates for the summer and coordinate accordingly.

May 16 - NetIDs and Passwords

Please contact Sergio as soon as possible if you: 1) have not yet received a NetID from OIT, or 2) have trouble resetting your password.

May 15 - RCR Training

RCR Training materials are now available--see downloads. The RCR Training (aka CITI Training) is required of all PCCM REU students.

May 9 - Q&A Updated; Student Directory Updated

Note: Someone posted possibly ride-sharing from Newark Airport to campus--what a great idea! Feel free to reach out to each other if you are interested in this.

May 1 - Sign up for Wireless Access

The link for wireless access is now active. Click here to sign up. Note: you will need to provide your ethernet address (mac address). Instructions on finding this are available via a link within the online form found at the link above.

April 30 - Required Info for Office of Information & Technology (OIT)

If you have not already done so, please complete the Google Form to provide information necessary for your NetIDs, Princeton emails, and the emergency notification system. The link can be found here.

April 29

Welcome everyone! On this site, you will find plenty of resources for your summer here at Princeton. If you ever lose a required document or need to post a question to the group, please visit this page. Keep a look out for announcements also!